When will my first herb box arrive?

You should expect your boxes during the first week of the month.  To provide the freshest ingredients possible and reduce excess/waste, we order herbs on the 2nd of the month for the following month's projects.  We pack boxes for the following month's project during the first weeks of the month and ship by mid-month.
If you are a new subscriber, expect 4-6 weeks for your first box.  If you subscribe by the 1st, you should expect your first box to arrive by the first week of the following month.  If you subscribe in the middle of the month, we may have already ordered herbs for next month's project or shipped boxes so they arrive at the beginning of the month.

Why do I need a PayPal account to subscribe?

We use PayPal's subscription services to manage billing.  In order for you to easily manage your subscription preferences including changing your subscription level or unsubscribing, you need a PayPal account and cannot checkout as a guest.

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time.  You will be billed on the same date each month as the date that you began your subscription, so please cancel before that date to avoid another month billed.

We do not offer refunds for already-billed subscriptions whether monthly or multi-month.  If you just ordered and you decide you want to cancel your new subscription, we may be able to refund your new order if our supplies have not already been purchased.  Please contact us immediately for requests.  We may be able to refund a portion of your multi-month subscription minus $34.95 for each box you've already received.

Are the herb boxes for adults or children?

These herb boxes are for those capable of making mature decisions about the end-use of ingredients and materials as well as capable of staying safe in the kitchen on the occasion that a project may require heating, chopping...etc.  With that being said, most of these projects are excellent to use for the whole family and for young children to participate in with adult supervision.

Can we use the subscriptions for group studies?

Absolutely!  These make great adult group projects or homeschool co-op topics that are adult-supervised.  You may also contact us for coordinating monthly bulk-discounts if everyone in your group will have their own box.


Do you use organic ingredients?

We source our herbs and supplemental ingredients from quality suppliers who care about their farmers, the environment, and you!  We strive to obtain the highest quality available: organic, wildcrafted, and/or grown without chemicals.  If we cannot source those items with this quality in mind, we may need to change our project for an upcoming month - so be sure to check our project rotation schedule and use the monthly subscription plan if you're looking for specific styles of projects.

What are your sustainable practices?

The boxes that our projects are enclosed in are made from 100% recycled content and are great for the compost.

We use compostable bags for packaging herbs and ingredients when possible.

We reuse insert material when possible for shipping packing to cut down on your costs and further promote a more sustainable method.

Containers provided for projects are glass when possible and are reusable for you to continue making more of that project or can be reused for many different purposes once you're finished.

Do you use allergen ingredients?

Some of our projects may contain allergens for certain individuals due to the plant-nature of the ingredients - and you as a subscriber are responsible for your safety when using any ingredients provided within the herb boxes.  Likewise, at this time, boxes are packaged in an environment that may come in contact with allergen sources such as nuts and wheat.  We encourage you to check our project rotation schedule and use the monthly plan so that you can opt in and out at any time or gift your box to a friend for that month.