Each box includes pre-portioned herbs and supplemental ingredients that match the recipe's "Simplers" blending method to make one batch of the recipe.  Pre-portioned ingredients allow you to feel confident when blending for even the newest herbal crafter, while also eliminating your need to purchase bulk ingredients that you may not need.

You'll also receive supplemental ingredients such as beeswax, solvents, capsules, oils...etc. as needed for each project so there are no other materials for you to purchase, though your instruction card may include suggestions for alternative ways of preparing the craft at your desire for more learning.

APotheCraze Education Included Image


You'll receive recipe/instruction cards that follow the "Simpler's" method of blending (i.e. "parts" of proportional value) that make herbal blending instinctual and traditional - the way your grandmother would have blended her mixes.  These are designed to accumulate each month in your recipe box or in a separate herbal archive bound with index card rings for future use.  The Simpler's method makes future batches easy to portion down or bulk up for large batches.

You'll also receive Materia Medica cards for your resource file.  Materia Medica is just a fancy way of describing the knowledge we have on individual herbs.  This is a supplemental way of learning more about each herb and what you may experience with the herbs such as aromas, tastes, and uses.  These are designed with the same format as the recipe/instruction cards to file in a resource box or bind with index card rings.  Additional blank lines and prompts encourage you to document your own experiences with each herb for your future reference.



In addition to your ingredients, you'll have containers that compliment your herbal craft such as tins for salves, droppers for extracts, or jars to display your tea blends.

Labels will finish your craft so you can have fun giving your project a name, learn how to document your blends, and make your crafts your own.  After all, the big satisfaction is seeing the finished product and using your craft and sharing with friends and family.